Windows 10 like most of the non-open source software comes pre-bundled with bloatware and pre-installed apps which you can not remove easily. There is no uninstall option for removing these default apps. But, having these pre-installed apps cost you many things. They will drain more battery juice, kill the ram and also eat your bandwidth whether you love them having on your system or not. Although Windows 10 has not given an option to uninstall these pre-installed default apps in Windows 10, you can easily uninstall these default apps with one line of code in power shell. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1 –  First of all search PowerShell in windows taskbar.

Step 2 – In the PowerShell icon right click and run as administrator. PowerShell

Step 3 – Now the blue screen PowerShell window will open.

Now, copy and paste the commands given below to uninstall the selected app which you want to remove.

  • Uninstall Candy Crush Saga

  • Uninstall Voice Recorder app
  • Uninstall Camera
  • Uninstall Mail & Calendar app
  • Uninstall Xbox app
  • Uninstall Bing News & Weather apps
  • Uninstall Voice Recorder app
  • Uninstall 3D app
  • Uninstall Solitaire
  • Uninstall Groove, Film & TV
  • Uninstall Photos app
  • Uninstall contacts app
  • Uninstall Windows Phone app

Note: – For pasting in PowerShell just press Alt + Space key + e. A pasting menu will appear as shown below. Using this paste the command.

PowerShell Paste

Note that, sometimes running the command will throw an error saying Deployment failed with HRESULT or another set of error messages. You can forget these errors with no worries at all, as your app will be removed by using the command lines given above.

How To Get Back These Apps

Suppose you removed these apps and one day you suddenly wanted that you have removed more apps than you wanted or you want those default apps back. No problem here is a one lined code to do that. Just paste this one lined code in PowerShell to retrieve those apps back in windows 10.


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